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Shaping the Form of Your Nose – Liquid Rhinoplasty

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With the rise of the use of fillers in medicine, the term “liquid rhinoplasty” has become popular. In the strictest definition of plastic surgery, you can shape or form the nose using filler. However, the truest form of rhinoplasty as I define it is a surgical procedure with long lasting results. The long term results of using filler in the nose are not completely understood, and this fact needs to be weighed in any decision to reshape the nose. The temporary nature of fillers is also a drawback to using it to shape the nose. Fillers are an excellent treatment for volume loss in the face, as we lose soft tissues and their support. In the nose, reshaping of cartilage and bones are the main component of rhinoplasty. So to use soft substances to reshape more firm structures like cartilage and bone generally isn’t the best option. I typically recommend against “liquid rhinoplasty” due to the short term benefit and unknown long term consequences, but there are certain patients that may be good candidates. To determine the best way to reshape your nose the way you envision it, come in and discuss your goals with me. Together we will make a plan for the best “plasty” that will achieve them.

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