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Why You Need An Aesthetician

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In the sea of beauty treatments and fad-creams, it can be difficult to decipher which products and treatments will actually be worth your time and money. Everywhere you look someone is marketing something! Just this morning I put on a pair of socks with Jessica Simpson stitched into the bottom of them and it occurred to me how all-encompassing our branding and marketing schemes have become – from our socks to the products in our bathrooms our heavily marketed world barrages us with promises of miracle creams and treatments. They boast with the microwaving powers to bippity boppity boo our skin issues away forever! While billboards, magazines, and the internet can be a wonderful information hub, not everything written, published, hash tagged or celebrity-stamped is going to deliver on its promises.

Over the years as an aesthetician, I have had so many clients and patients lament to me about their frustrations with which “poreless wonder lotion” or “fairy-baby-face zap treatment” will actually work for them. The truth is that trying to find the best skin routine or anti-aging treatment program alone is like trekking Mount Everest thinking google maps is the only navigational tool you’ll need. While we wouldn’t traverse a mountain without a guide, many people believe they can figure out what’s best for them without any help from a professional. If the avalanche of beauty treatments, serums, toners, vitamin C product possibilities that are out there in the market today confuse you, even in the least, it’s time to find an aesthetician!

Here are the top 3 things to look for in your aesthetician.

  1. Find someone who respects you! They aren’t solely interested in selling you what they believe in. You want someone who can guide you, not force you, into the best path for your personal needs and goals with your skin. The right person will be sensitive to your boundaries and not make you feel pushed or corralled into doing what they want you to do.
  2. Find someone with a passion to educate! The right person will EMPOWER you to know why the product or treatment is going to work for you. Their goal isn’t to sell, it’s to educate!
  3. Find someone with a wide scope of offerings! You want to find a person who is constantly growing in their field. Someone who continues to grow in their knowledge will not only be highly educated in what’s out there but be able to provide you with the best options for your needs.

An aesthetician’s job is to help their clients and patients find the best solutions for their skin and because their names are attached to the advice and treatments they provide, there is a certain integrity factor in play that you will benefit from! As an aesthetician for over 7 years, the best part of my job has been the relationships and trust I have built with my clients and patients and the satisfaction of helping others reach their goals with their skin! Do yourself a favor and find a face whisperer!

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