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Using Platelet’s For Plastic Surgery Recovery (PRP)

Dr. Mark Clymer Nashville Plastic Surgery Certified Surgeon TN

One of the latest ‘Hot Topics” in many areas of medicine is the use of platelet rich plasma, or PRP. Platelets are the cells in the body that stick together and form clots when we have a cut or a scratch. One of the fascinating things about the human body is that many of the body’s cells and organs have more than one function. We are finding that platelets, and the plasma that contains them, have functions that may help healing and promote growth of other cells.

In plastic surgery, the use of PRP ranges from injecting PRP into incisions to promote healing, injecting PRP into the tissues of the face to promote collagen production, scalp injections as a non-surgical approach for hair restoration, applying PRP as a sealant after laser surgery, and applying PRP in facial surgery to limit bruising and aid healing. Many of these applications are in the early stages of use, but I have used PRP for over 10 years in facelift and browlift surgery with excellent results. In browlift and facelift surgery, PRP (also called platelet gel) is use to reduce the amount of bruising that occurs with surgery. The technique is safe, as the patient’s own platelets are used, and helps reduce bruising associated with surgery. Less bruising means less downtime, and in today’s busy society that is a great benefit. Patients are back to work faster and need less cover up makeup in the first days after surgery.

As the benefits of PRP unfold, more of these techniques will be incorporated at Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery. If you have any questions about PRP and its use, call the office or schedule a consultation to see if PRP has benefits for you.

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