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I am seeing an increase in patients who have had Kybella® treatments at other offices and their goals were not met.  Now let me be clear, Kybella® is an effective product for dissolving fat.  For full disclosure I do not routinely use Kybella®. I choose not to use Kybella® NOT because it doesn’t work, but because it does work, on fat alone.

Kybella, Dr. Clymer

I have counseled patients for over 20 years who are unhappy with the appearance of their neck.  My approach to treating the neck is that all patients have 3 things that sag in varying degrees: skin, fat, and muscle. The initial excitement with Kybella® revolved around the supposed limited downtime. However, you can find various posts from patients online that describe the downtime for 2 weeks or more with the average, reported to me, of about 1 week. The recommended number of treatments is usually 3, which would total 3 weeks of recovery. So, Kybella’s® downtime is not truly any better than a surgical recovery.

The cost difference between Kybella® and surgical options is not as different as you might think.  Kybella® treatments are reported to be anywhere from $800 to $1800 per treatment, with most patients needing 3 or 4 treatments. This would have each patient paying between $2400 and $5400, which is comporable to surgical options. 
If improvement in your neck and jawline is your goal, consider the 3 elements that cause that area to sag. If you only treat the fat, you may not get the result you were looking for. Other considerations should be recovery time and cost benefit. Before committing to a “quick fix” be sure to discuss thoroughly the benefits and limitations of any procedure and carefully weigh your options with your surgeon or injector.

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By Dr. Mark A. Clymer

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