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For Love – Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

Free IMAGE® Ormedic lip enhancement complex with purchase of Restylane® lip filler. IMAGE® Ormedic lip enhancement complex is specifically designed to enhance the appearance and volume of lip contours. This ultra-hydrating, powerful polypeptide lip enhancement complex will add up to… Read More

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Happy New Year! Start Saving Now!

We will be continuing the $99 IMAGE® Balance and Boost bags! This collection balances and boosts skin that’s dry, dull or depleted, visibly filling fine lines without any injections. Start your day with gentle cleanser, then visibly plump and protect… Read More

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Santa’s Got Something Special Planned!

Not receiving our newsletter? – Signup Today! Keep The Holiday Spirit Rolling We will be continuing our injectable special of $50 off of each area of Dysport® and $75 off each syringe of a Restylane® product. We will also keep you… Read More

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New Year 2019 Specials!

Not receiving our newsletter? – Signup Today! All Restylane® products are $75 off starting November 15th and will last through the rest of the year! We will help you look your best for the Holidays! In-laws have you frowning? We can… Read More

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Using Platelet’s For Plastic Surgery Recovery (PRP)

One of the latest ‘Hot Topics” in many areas of medicine is the use of platelet rich plasma, or PRP. Platelets are the cells in the body that stick together and form clots when we have a cut or a… Read More

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Can Facial Recognition Work On iPhone X After Facial Plastic Surgery?

Technology designed to recognize facial aging. Apple™ recently announced the release of their latest smart phone, the iPhone X™. Among the many advancements touted by Apple™, one feature of interest to me as a facial plastic surgeon is that of the… Read More

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Get Facial Rejuvenation Through Microneedling

The quest for minimally invasive, minimal downtime procedures for facial rejuvenation and skin enhancement has led both doctors and patients down paths that have been a mixture of disappointing results and exciting improvements.   One technique that has shown exciting… Read More

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What You Should Know About Fat Transfer in Cosmetic Surgery

Fat transfer (also called fat injection), a technique that has been around for over 20 years, has had a recent resurgence in popularity. Think of fat transfer as another type of filler. It fills in hollows and replaces the volume… Read More

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Why You Need An Aesthetician

In the sea of beauty treatments and fad-creams, it can be difficult to decipher which products and treatments will actually be worth your time and money. Everywhere you look someone is marketing something! Just this morning I put on a… Read More

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I am often asked the difference between the two techniques, SculpSure™ and CoolSculpting™. I have evaluated both technologies, and we offer SculpSure™ at Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery for a few reasons. Both techniques have been shown in studies to be… Read More

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