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I am often asked the difference between the two techniques, SculpSure™ and CoolSculpting™. I have evaluated both technologies, and we offer SculpSure™ at Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery for a few reasons. Both techniques have been shown in studies to be effective ways to non-surgically reduce fat. So, both can be effective. However, there are differences that I believe are beneficial to patients and hence the reason we offer SculpSure™.

1. The first difference is how the devices reduce fat cells. CoolSculpting™ freezes the fat in order to kill the fat cells, while SculpSure™ is a laser-induced killing of the fat. I believe this laser technology is the current leading technology for non-surgical body contouring.

2. Another reason we have chosen to offer SculpSure™ is that there are differences in how each device works. In CoolSculpting™, the area to be treated is suctioned up into the device, so that a freeze can be created between the two sides. Imagine your vacuum cleaner sucking up an area of your love handles or an area around your stomach. Once the area is in the “vacuum”, the tissue under the skin is cooled to kill the fats cells. This vacuum creates a stretching of the skin. This stretching can result in pain or numbness that may persist, by some patients report, for weeks after a treatment with CoolSculpting™.

In SculpSure™, there is no suction applied. This avoids the potential risk of stretching the nerves to the skin. Also, with CoolSculpting™ treatments, the area that has been suctioned up into the “vacuum” needs to be massaged to get it flat again. Since there is no suction being placed on the skin in SculpSure™ treatments, both the risks of stretching nerves and the need for post-treatment massage can be avoided.

3. Finally, and probably most important to patients these days, is that the SculpSure™ treatment takes about HALF the time as a comparable CoolSculpting™ treatment. This makes for shorter visits, and less time out of your busy schedule.

So in summary, we have chosen to offer SculpSure™ as the current leading edge LASER technology for non-surgical body sculpting, with limited risks, less time per treatment compared to other devices, and excellent effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

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