Clymer Is An Artist
Kimberly Lynn had been self-conscious of the bump on her nose since a few kids pointed it out to her in high school. She has been positioning herself so that her profile is less noticeable ever since. After hearing the praise of a friend who visited Dr. Clymer and seeing her fantastic results, Kimberly Lynn made the decision to go for it.
You Know He Really Cares
Lenora wasn’t looking to completely change her look or be mistaken for a teenager. All she wanted was to look more rested. Enter Dr. Clymer. Lenora saw results the very next day: “I was so delighted; I cannot tell you how thrilled I was!” Credit Dr. Clymer with giving another patient self esteem and confidence in her looks.
It's Wonderful To Have This Feeling
As a medical professional, Lita understands that knowledge in one area doesn’t mean an expertise in all. That’s why she chose Dr. Clymer – as a facial plastic surgeon, he understands the ins and outs of the one part of the body you can’t hide. Friends and family can’t pinpoint the change, but know that something is different – something is better – when they look at her.
As I Get Older I'll Come Back
Patsy had consultations with several plastic surgeons, but never left with a good feeling. Knowledgeable in their fields, they always seemed very interested in the procedure – but not in her. Upon asking friends for recommendations, Dr. Clymer’s name came up too often to not explore the option. She felt at home from the moment she walked in to the last follow-up visit.
I Get It
It’s like a man describing childbirth to a woman – just because he’s seen it doesn’t mean he knows what it’s like. Christine does. She’s been there herself. She had the same questions, fears, and concerns that she sees every day in every one of her patients. As a nurse and aesthetician at Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery, she gets it.
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