Medical Microdermabrasion

About Microdermabrasion
Known by some as the “lunchtime facelift,” microdermabrasion removes the damaged upper layers and is directed toward stimulating new collagen growth. Although it does NOT achieve the same results as a facelift, microdermabrasion can greatly improve skin texture, fine lines, and give the skin a healthy appearance. This treatment delivers a controlled powerful stream of fine crystals to the skin. Following microdermabrasion, a Vitamin C treatment is applied to further stimulate the deeper layers of the skin, as well as aid with collagen synthesis and act as an antioxidant to combat free radicals that contribute to the aging process. This procedure is beneficial for dull, unevenly-colored skin, aging, sun damaged skin, pigmentation and clogged pores. Patients experience smoother skin with mild pinkness that lasts up to a few hours following the procedure. Makeup can be applied immediately if necessary. This procedure can be done individually or in a series.

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial – This non-surgical exfoliation treatment facial harnesses the power of diamond tip technology by gently removing the topmost layer of the skin. Improved tone, texture, and moisture retention will be addressed with little to no discomfort as you enjoy all the benefits of our Rejuvenation Facial and exfoliating power of a Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion treatment all in one.

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