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Is Slug Slime The Future of Suture?

I recently read an article in the Florence, AL Times Daily titled, “Stretchy glue inspired by slugs could be the future of sutures”.  As a facial plastic surgeon, I employ a variety of techniques to ensure incisions and scars heal… Read More

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Fillers fill, lifts, lift. Sounds Simple?

My patients often request a filler treatment in their jowl or cheek area to “lift up” their sagging tissue. My response seems obvious, but often patients receive inadequate information from various sources, including the internet. There are different aging effects… Read More

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Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery 4th Annual Open House

Welcome to Our 4th Annual Open House! Come into Clymer Facial Plastic Surgery on September 7th for the best deals of the year, anyone and everyone is invited! This is the time to stock up on all the goodies we… Read More

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